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creamy adj
1 of the color of cream; "creamy translucent pebbles"
2 thick like cream [also: creamiest, creamier]

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  1. Containing cream.
    creamy milk
  2. Of food or drink, having the fatty taste or thick texture of cream, whether or not it actually contains cream.
    creamy chocolate
  3. Of any liquid, having the thick texture of cream.
    a creamy lotion
  4. Having the colour of cream.


containing cream
of food or drink, having the taste or texture of cream
of any liquid, having the texture of cream
having the colour of cream

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Creamy were a Danish teen-pop duo, composed of Rebekka Mathew and Rannva Joensen.
Their 1999 debut album, made when the pair were just thirteen years of age, was comprised of euro-pop versions of children’s songs. In 2001, they produced a seasonal album, Christmas Snow. Their only single in the UK was a euro-pop cover of the theme song to the 1984 movie, Neverending Story. They were signed to RecArt Music Denmark.
Their album, "We Got the Time" was produced by Ole Evenrud, of A*Teens fame. Ole Evenrud also produced a version of a song from that album, "Help! I'm a Fish (I'm a Little Yellow Fish)", for the Danish pop group, Little Trees.



  • Creamy (1999)
  • We Got the Time (2000)
  • Christmas Snow (2001)
  • We Got the Time (Japanese edition) (2002)


  • "Krabbesangen" (1999)
  • "Den Bedste Jul I 2000 År" (1999)
  • "I Do, I Do, I Do" - (Netherlands #37) (Sweden #39) (2000)
  • "Help! I'm a Fish" (2000)
  • "Little Kitty" - (Netherlands) (2000)
  • "Neverending Story" (Limahl cover) - (UK) (2001)
  • "See The Snowflakes Falling Down" - (Denmark) (2001)


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alabaster, alabastrine, albescent, aureate, auric, beige, buff, buff-yellow, buttery, canary, canary-yellow, citron, citron-yellow, cream, delicate, dun-white, ecru, eggshell, emulsive, fair, fallow, flat, flaxen, gilded, gilt, glaucescent, glaucous, gloss, gold, gold-colored, golden, gray-white, half-frozen, half-melted, iridescent, ivory, ivory-white, lemon, lemon-yellow, light, lint-white, luteolous, lutescent, mellow, mother-of-pearl, nacreous, ocherish, ocherous, ochery, ochreous, ochroid, ochrous, ochry, off-white, opalescent, or, pale, pastel, patinaed, pearl, pearly, pearly-white, primrose, primrose-colored, primrose-yellow, pulpy, quiet, sad, saffron, saffron-colored, saffron-yellow, sallow, sand-colored, sandy, semifluid, semifluidic, semigloss, semiliquid, simple, sober, soft, soft-colored, soft-hued, softened, somber, straw, straw-colored, subdued, subtle, sweet, tender, whitish, whity, xanthic, xanthous, yellow, yellowish
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